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Hurricane Resistant Condominiums

Being based in Navarre, Florida, we’ve seen a hurricane or two. On average, Florida is struck by at least one hurricane every year. The odds of experiencing one are almost twice as high as any other state. So, we’re pretty well versed on repairing roof systems on condos. What if we told you that we could prevent or reduce the damage from the next hurricane?

We can install negative pressure systems to prevent high wind risks. They are made of tight, single ply membranes that create a small vacuum to seal as wind blows over them. This minimizes the shear stresses caused by wind, which keeps it from damaging your roof.

  • Wind-Vented Roofing Systems
  • Negative Pressure Systems
  • Spanish Tile Roofing
  • Metal Roofing

These roofing systems also mitigate any ongoing mold issues as they are self drying. If the roofing of your condominium isn’t properly installed, it can lead to billowing, blow-offs and tenting. These problems can require very costly repairs down the road. You can save a lot of money and frustration by hurricane-proofing the roof of your condominium complex ahead of time.

Condominium Roofing is Different

We understand that condo roofing can be a tricky endeavor, but Campbell Roofing Contractors have the experience to deal with your condo board’s needs and individual relationships with each owner so that your roofing project goes smoothly and well for everyone involved. Trusting the every-day roofing contractor to re-roof your condo may save you a few bucks, but it could cost you ten fold the next time a hurricane rolls through. We are the Condo Roofing Experts.

Roof Lines and Adjustments:

Other roofing companies may shy away from the challenges associated with multiple owners under one roof. In contrast, we love a good challenge and are dedicated to making the experience a good one for everyone involved. We understand that in some cases a condo board is not there to dictate the terms of each roof, but we will work with all of the owners to devise a plan that works for everyone involved, and lessens the impact on your neighbors while your roof is being completed.

Condo Roofing Pitfalls:

We have the experience to know the pitfalls that can be associated with roofing in condo spaces. There are often small driveways from which to work, and condos are often very close to the street, with little space to load materials, etc. We have been there before and can often devise a storage and loading plan that will keep all of the owners happy with little obstruction or impact on their daily lives.

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